Dealing with ‘today’ today

tdlIn yesterday’s entry I mentioned that I aim to deal with ‘today’ today. What that means is that I try to process everything that comes my way on the day that it arrives. While that sounds pretty obvious, I find that it requires a significant degree of discipline.

Now that I’ve started to write about it, I’ve realised that there are really only four steps to this.

Delete it

I’ve learned over the years that lots of stuff that comes my way is uninvited and unwelcome – so I have learned the pleasure of making ‘delete’ my first decision. For a wee while I experimented with an ‘ignore’ folder, but that was a cop-out so I’ve removed that option.

Do it

This is Dave Allen’s 2-minute rule – if it’s only going to take two/ a few minutes, just do it.

To do it

My daily to do list is my friend. If I keep it sensible and realistic, then momentum builds as I tick things off throughout the day.

Any tasks that remain on my list at the end of the day need to be addressed.(I think that this element occurred to me when I became aware of Bullet Journalling.) They can be deleted (yes, it’s a recurring theme), re-scheduled to another date or left undone with a view to doing it during my ‘Friday space’.

My (longer) to do list is also how I deal with e-mail that doesn’t fit the ‘2-minute rule’. I have created a quick link to convert e-mails into tasks, removing it from my inbox. This serves at least two purposes – I do not feel the tyranny of the inbox, and e-mails turned in to tasks are prioritised like every other task.

Finish it

Tagging, scanning, filing, tweeting, storing… whatever the final step is, life is easier when I follow through and deal with something thoroughly.

And that’s it. I don’t always manage to deal with ‘today’ today, but I’m going to keep trying.


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