How to start the working day

I recently came across an article that contrasted two pieces of advice about how to start your working that frog

Eat that frog

This idea is tackle your most difficult or unpleasant task of the day before you do anything else. The idea being that when that’s behind you, the rest of the day will improve.

The power of small wins

According to this view, the key to a productive day is to build momentum by completing small tasks to create a positive mood for the day.

There are other approaches.


Some people advocate starting your day by tackling the Most Important thing – the thing that you help you make progress towards a big hairy goal. This idea is that you make progress on the MIT early to avoid it being squeezed out by urgent, busywork or distractions.

In my view, there is no best way to start your day. What matters is to find the way that works best for you… and not get wedded to one way. Adapt your approach as seems appropriate at the time.

For now, my approach is to get organise in my workspace, catch up with my roommates before settling into anything on my to do list. Some days we’re chattier than others and that’s OK. Maybe I should label it as ‘people first’, and that should be the most important thing all day, every day.


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