1000 words a day

Srinivas Rao advocates writing 1000 words a day, every day. He claims that adopting this habit was life changing

I don’t quite live up to this standard, but between this blog and my journal I’m probably getting close.

write every day copyAnd something happens when I write every day – see the doodle. The thing is, I begin to enjoy it. I doodle more, I connect more, and I definitely read more. (Which comes first the reading or the writing? The chicken or the egg?)

But the main benefit, and the biggest surprise, is that I become more tolerant of my mistakes. Some blog entries seem to strike a chord with you (the readers), others draw a blank… and I’m OK with that.

As Srinivas says:

Most of what I wrote was garbage. It mainly still is.

And if I get stuck?

The simplest way to overcome this is to put your fingers on the keyboard and move them…

Or in my case, doodle in my idea book and the garbage starts to flow! More nonsense to follow soon.


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