Dealing with information overload #1

Feeling overwhelmed by information is a common problem in the age of the Internet. We cannot keep up with our Twitter feeds, our RSS aggregators, electronic libraries and dozens of other sources.

So, why try to?

I’m not advocating that we shun these tools. But, let’s use them wisely.

I’ve just checked – there are 45 unread articles in my Instapaper app alone. It’s highly unlikely that I’ll read them all. Especially given the likelihood that I’ll add another handful to it tomorrow.

So I’m planning a wee experiment. If I haven’t read all of the articles by the end of the week, I’ll keep the 10 most recent articles and delete the rest.

  • Will I miss some information? Yes.
  • Will my life be adversely affected? No.

Make the delete button your best friend. It will show you what’s important to you.


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