Balancing my universe

Or… of quasars and snowdrops

P1180716Last weekend we enjoyed the Celebration of Snowdrops at Scone Palace. It was a lovely, sunny, still day so we were able to enjoy these beautiful flowers at their very best.

In my mind this connected to an article that I had read a few days earlier – about quasars. This might seem like a random leap, but the common factor is wonder.

Whether contemplating the beauty of a snowdrop or getting my head scrambled by reading about quasars, I inevitably ponder and wonder.

Our universe, world, lives are so mysterious. We know so much; we know so little.

And it occurs to me that I probably spend too much time accumulating knowledge, rationalising and evaluating. So maybe it’s time for an adjustment:

  • To respond more than reason
  • To revel more than wrestle
  • To enjoy more than enquire

To balance my universe.

“Never once in my life did I ask God for success or wisdom or power or fame. I asked for wonder, and he gave it to me.”
― Abraham Joshua Heschel


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