Productivity: The OTHER missing element

While thinking about Chris Bailey’s productivity model, I came across a model from a completely different discipline. This one identified the key – in my opinion – to any effective improvement model.

So, what is that secret sauce? It’s the practice of reflecting and adapting.

It’s the practice of reflecting and adapting. I’d expand that to read: regular and disciplined reflection and adaptation.

The ‘penny dropped’ when I saw this model for 21st century learners. I like the concept, but dislike the jargon.


[Source: Centre for Curriculum Redesign]

I was introduced to the practice of keeping a reflective, learning journal in 2005 and I’ve sustained this practice ever since (with periodic dips in consistency).

Continuous development requires us to identify areas for improvement and make the necessary adjustments. So, I’ve modified Chris Bailey’s diagram. I hope he doesn’t mind.

reflect and adaptThis doesn’t have to be onerous or soul searching. Simply take 5 minutes and ask yourself “What one thing could I do differently/better tomorrow?” Over time, I’ve found that my attention is drawn away from techniques to focus on purpose.


“It’s one thing to get more done over the course of a day, but you have to be working on the right things, the things that will bring most meaning to your life.”

 – Chris Bailey

Related ideas: Donal Schon – reflection in and on action


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