Making connections

Flicking through some old notes, I came across some scribbles from a podcast featuring Scott Belsky of 99U and Behance In itself, this is barely noteworthy. So why am I writing about it?

Well, the podcast notes resonated with an article that I had spotted in Evernote the other day. The article was an interview where Emma de Vita of the FT was talking to Cilla Snowball CEO of AMV BBDO.

brainI wasn’t actively thinking about, or specifically looking for, either of these sources. I certainly wasn’t looking for a connection between them. And yet, something in my brain established a link. I don’t know how this happens. I do know that it happens more often when I am relaxed and calm, when my brain can work in the background and do the thinking without my conscious world getting in the way. For example, these connections typically happen when I’m gardening, driving, walking. The connection that I’m writing about today happened when I was tidying the study (a wee bit!).

Having made the connection between a piece of paper and an electronic note, I find myself wondering how to find a digital equivalent to flicking through some old notes. When I’m in ‘digital mode’ I tend to be more linear, more focused, thinking like a search engine. Is it going to be more unusual/difficult to make connections if/when all information is digitised?

I’ll write about the specific connections, which I’ve referred to, in the next couple of entries.

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