Being honest about feedback

I had a chat with a colleague last week that triggered a couple of thoughts.

The first thought (or question) was what’s the difference between feedback and whingeing?

honest feedbackDoes lots of feedback become like a dripping tap – annoying and inefficient?

My initial thought is that the frequency matters. If you find yourself ‘feeding back’ on the same (or remarkably similar) issues, then you’ve probably drifted into the realms of whingeing.

Given that the purpose of feedback should be to lead to improvements, recurring issues indicate a problem to solve.

Maybe you need to fix a system, plug a skills gap, set clear standards.

Maybe your feedback isn’t as specific as it should be. Are you being explicit about the nature of the shortcoming? Are you addressing your feedback to a specific individual or are you adopting a scattergun approach?

Maybe you’re picking holes because it’s not how you would have done it?

The key question to ask is – Will my feedback lead to an improved outcome? If the answer is ‘No’, then it’s time to re-think your approach.

Further thoughts to follow…

(Image from gapingvoid)


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