What’s the role of positive feedback?

coolMy recent entries have looked at feedback as an improvement tool.

But isn’t there a danger that we end up focusing on the shortcomings of others? Where is the place of positive endorsement?

I recently heard Jay Baer say that praise was over-rated because we already know what we’re good at. I disagree!

It’s true that a negative review on TripAdvisor or Amazon might lead to service or product improvement. It’s also true that a positive review can lead to new business.

With team members and colleagues, recognising good work has a positive impact, even if they already know that this is an area of strength. It also lends credibility to negative feedback – you will be seen as balanced, objective and truthful whether bearing good news or bad.

Why not develop the habit of ‘catching someone doing their job well’? What harm can it do?


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