Becoming a more authentic leader

true NorthBill George is one of my favourite thinkers/writers on leadership. Several years ago I read his book True North and it is one of my all-time favourites. It has influenced and changed me – hopefully for the better.

So, I was delighted to listen to him talking on the HBR Ideacast recently.

Here are some of the salient points.

  • To be an authentic leader is to know your inner self.
  • You must be true to yourself, but adjust to the prevailing circumstances. This is not always easy.
  • It’s easy to be real when things are going well.
  • You must be willing to admit mistakes, no matter how embarrassing.
  • You should show your feelings, to connect with the hearts of those around you.
  • You need to acknowledge that you need help – you cannot do/know everything.
  • You should celebrate diversity. Your organisation should reflect its customer base.
  • Trust is measured at the top of the organisation.

This is a very challenging list. I wonder how I’ll measure up to it today?


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