Yesterday’s photo wasn’t posted because it was a great shot (it wasn’t). In fact, I struggled with how to capture the image on a couple of occasions. This was the best of a bad lot. But the photo captures a memory for me. And that’s far more important.

When we visited Berlin, we stayed quite near Bebelplatz and wandered through it several times. The empty bookshelves captivated me. Apparently they have space for 20,000 books – the number of books burned there by Nazis in 1933. It’s very poignant and quite beautiful.

That was only a prelude;

they burn books,

they will in the end also burn people.

Heinrich Heine

But one of our visits to Bebelplatz was quite different. On a hot, sunny Sunday we joined 42,000 other people to enjoy Staatsoper für alle – a free, open-air classical concert. It certainly created a different atmosphere in Bebelplatz compared to our other quiet strolls.

There will be another concert on 9 July 2016. If you’re in Berlin, it’s worth making the effort (but plan to go early, it will be busy).

Two good memories; lots of mediocre photos. That’s an acceptable trade-off to me.

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