The joy of constraints

Yesterday I wrote about trying to simplify my writing, by applying a limit to the reading age. This is challenging and rewarding.

I’ve also been dabbling with Instagram recently. There’s not much activity yet, but that might improve soon. When using Instagram, I apply two constraints:

  • blossomI only post photos taken with my iPhone;
  • I’ve stuck with Instagram’s original square image format.

Why limit myself in this way?

Well, it makes me think in a different way. Using my phone camera, I have less flexibility about apertures, shutter speed etc. And using the square format makes me look at images in a specific way.

The constraints force me to adapt and to be creative.

In a similar way, I tend to limit entries here to a maximum of 300 words. It forces me to be succinct and it probably saves you the pain of reading long, uninteresting posts.

I wonder if there are other activities where constraints would be beneficial?

(Image taken from my Instagram feed.)


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