My handwritten to do list (part one)

to-do-listI’ve recently returned to handwriting my to-do list each day. I’m still an advocate of adopting digital by default… provided that it improves my effectiveness.

I realise that handwriting my tasks is not efficient. It frequently involves double-entry, as I’m still using Outlook as an electronic mentor/bring forward system; and tasks that are not completed in any given day need to be copied to the next day. So far, there’s not much going for my newly adopted, old approach.

But I’m convinced that there are benefits.

  • There is an incentive to complete the list each day, to avoid re-writing entries.
  • Handwriting feels like an investment – almost an assessment that the task is worth doing.
  • I can group my tasks according to the time blocks available in my diary. (This aspect is till work-in-progress.)
  • By leaving white spaces I can add items as the day progresses.
  • There is a sense of pleasure in physically ticking completed tasks.
  • I can look back over several days and see what I have achieved.

AND, most importantly, it allows me to close Outlook – which means that I am less tempted to check e-mail every 5 minutes.

There is one other benefit, but I’ll come to that tomorrow.



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