Talking to the duck

This entry was triggered by Dan Pink’s ‘Pinkcast’. You can watch it here (it lasts 89 seconds).

duckWhere Dan uses his duck, I tend to use whiteboard… and this blog. Thinking out loud helps me to clarify my thinking. Summarising it in a doodle or short entry here, helps me to spot the wrinkles. Or, have them pointed out to me, which is fine.

Occasionally thinking out loud can backfire. A few years ago, I was working with some of my team at the whiteboard. I don’t remember what we were discussing. Shortly after the discussion, I was told that some of the newer team members had started to work on the issue. I was surprised and puzzled until a longer-serving team member told me that the newer person hadn’t realised that I had been thinking out loud at the whiteboard. From experience, she knew that the ideas would probably change, and that it was best to wait for my fingers to hit the keyboard before acting.

Of course, the problem wasn’t with thinking out loud. The problem was not being clear about what I was doing.

(Photo by MirelaSchenk on


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