Culture fit

Do my daily routines and practices need to fit in with the cultural norms of the organisation? If so, to what extent?

This post is not a rant about the organisation that I work for. It’s more about beginning to explore how far counter-cultural behaviour is acceptable.

This thought first occurred to me when I read Al Pittampali’s ‘Read this before our next meeting’. It was stirred again as I was bowled over by Greg McKeown’s ‘Essentialism”. Now it’s the question is resurfacing as I’m about to jump into Cal Newport’s ‘Deep Work’.

I’m not talking about ethical standards, simply the way everyday business is conducted.

  • Do I need to comply with meeting-itis?
  • Relish busy-work?
  • Fit in with presenteeism?
  • Spend every waking hour perusing e-mail?

Given my tendency to non-conformity most of this is hypothetical, but I’d appreciate your thoughts.