Reading as an investment

Man Reading With Glasses clip artTodd Henry (The four kinds of reading) suggests that reading is an investment. And, I agree (which would make a very short blog entry, even by my standards).

The question that arises for me, is not really the ‘how to read this particular book, article, tweet, cereal packet…’ but how do I maximise the value from that investment of time, energy, focus? How do I reflect, connect, and secure the learning? How do I adapt my thoughts, beliefs, actions as a result of what I’ve read and digested? How does this reading activity increase or decrease my average (per Seth Godin)?

For me, the answers lie in highlighting, taking notes, doodling, connecting; then processing, writing (here, for example), sharing and storing.

Reading is a privilege, but it’s also necessary if I am to deepen my knowledge, insight and awareness of the world that I live in. Refusing to read – or choosing ‘easy’ reading – will keep me stuck in my current ideas, approaches, aspirations and it’s hard to see how that is going to raise my average.

You wouldn’t invest money in a scheme that offered no gain, so why invest in reading that doesn’t offer a reward (and challenge)?

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