A conversation about feedback


feedback 2I was sitting in a coffee shop the other day, doodling (badly) the light fittings when I spotted a sign. Then I noticed that there were a few of them scattered around the tables:

We would love to have your feedback.

The word love struck me… and a conversation started in my head.

It’s become commonplace to ask for feedback, but to love it – what does that mean?

And, then, how would I know that they’d taken any account of it? What if my feedback was doolally?

And what about my organisation? Do we love feedback? Do we act on it? Do our customers see any difference?

Or is it merely lip service?

By the way – I did leave some feedback – increase the number of comfy chairs please. Not much to ask, but it’d enhance the experience for me and I’ll be able to tell if my feedback has been acted on!


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