Holiday buffers

stack by LadyheartI returned to work today after a week’s holiday. Predictably there was a stack of paper and an electronic stack to tackle.

Over the years I’ve learned to anticipate the shock of re-entry to the world of work, so instead of sighing or panicking or fuming or dithering, I breathed slowly, made some coffee and adopted my typical post-holiday routine. Through painful experience, I know that I need to keep plenty of clear space in my diary for the first few days back. These ‘holiday buffers’ allow me to take stock; tackle the truly urgent; and bin/delegate/prioritise the rest.

Today turned out to be productive, peaceful and a positive experience – and I still feel the benefit of my holiday!

It doesn’t always work out, but it’s worth trying. It’s not complicated – you just need to book a few extra slots when you put your holidays into your calendar system.

By the way, I also adopt a similar approach before I go on holiday to avoid leaving anything hanging or holding up others while I’m enjoying my holiday.

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